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Seventh Street Studios was founded by Taryn Day.   

 About My Work

My style of painterly realism is inspired by the work of modern painters who combine realism with a strong emphasis on abstract design, such as Richard Diebenkorn, Fairfield Porter, Edwin Dickinson and Edward Hopper. 

I've been painting in oils for more than thirty years, getting my start at age 16 in my high school's wonderful art department. I then attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, studying painting with Sidney Goodman, Elizabeth Osborne, Arthur DeCosta, among many others, but learning almost as much from my fellow students.

My artistic process relies heavily on observation — that is to say I trust my eyes as my main tool in my work.


I’ve not settled on any one genre, finding portraiture, landscape and city scenes and still life all equally fascinating subjects. I consider oil paint to be my primary medium, but lately have been working mainly in pastels. I also love drawing in pencil and charcoal as well as painting with watercolors and ink. 

About Taryn

Taryn Day was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and moved to the Philadelphia area as a child. She earned a four-year certificate painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she received the Ware Scholarship for European Travel. While raising two children, she continued to paint and exhibit while completing a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She’s been enjoying the quiet small-town life of Perkasie, PA since 1997.



Taryn Day educates and encourages artists of all levels through ongoing classes in drawing and painting. The focus is on realism, taught in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, with the understanding that learning to draw and paint realistically provides the best foundation for a variety of artistic styles.  




Taryn Day is a talented artist and a wonderful teacher. If you are a beginner or an experienced painter, she has much to offer. Her classes offer structure and a kind supportive environment to learn new skills, polish up your old skills and expand your vision and approach to your work. Do not think twice just take a class. You will only be a better artist for it.

- Susan F., Doylestown

I've taken classes - oil, pencil, charcoal - with Taryn for the last two years and have learned so much. She has a proven ability to work with all levels of students, from raw beginners to seasoned artists exploring new mediums.  I highly recommend Taryn's new studio!

- Pat M., Perkasie

Taryn Day is an amazing teacher. If you don't already think of yourself as an artist, she will uncover hidden talent you don't even realize you have. The studio is also a beautiful, peaceful place to be and immerse yourself in art.

-Julia M., Springfield

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